Nov 30, 2022 CarShield does not cover pre-existing issues, repairs or replacement parts not included in your contract, unauthorized repairs and more.


Trip Interruption - if youre on a road trip and have a breakdown, the CarShield plan will provide 50 per day in reimbursement for lodging and meals up to a total of 150. May 1, 2023 Crash Course Endurance ranks as the best extended car warranty company according to the results of our 2023 warranty study.



. . CarShield plans cover parts in the brake system, but they dont cover brake pads, shoes, or rotors.

Collision damage.

Key Things to Know About CarShield Plans. . COVERED PART Means any part or component.

What repairs does CarShield cover CarShield covers mechanical failures on a wide range of parts including the engine,. .

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These can include things like motorcycle coverage, ATV coverage, and more.

CarShield does not offer coverage in California, but may refer a licensed CA Mechanical Breakdown Insurer. Sep 9, 2022 How much does CarShield cost CarShield offers several plans to choose from, and the price of your plan will depend on your cars make and model.

. Examples include checking the tension on your belts, cleaning or replacing your spark plugs or cleaning the heads of your fuel injectors.

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Rental Car Coverage - if you have a breakdown, the CarShield plan will reimburse you for a replacement transportation up to 40 per day and 280 per occurrence.

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. . S. The exact kinds of repairs CarShield will pay for depend on the specific service contract you choose. However, it is only covered up to 40 per day and may be in the form of a reimbursement. CarShield sells vehicle service plans, which are similar to extended warranties and will cover the cost of repairs to the cars systems and mechanical parts.


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May 17, 2023 No, CarShield doesnt cover oil changes and other preventive maintenance.

Apr 13, 2023 CarShield costs 99 per month and up, though prices vary by state, driver, and specific vehicle.

CarShield offers coverage for cars with up to 250,000 miles on them.

Jan 17, 2022 GEICO mechanical breakdown insurance can cover your vehicle for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.