The minimum depth for a screw for a binding mount is 6mm14.

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After that put a little bit of wood glue in each hole then your good to start mounting your bindings on your new skis.

The basic system uses 2020 t-slot profiles with a centering clamp at each end to grip the ski. Simply align the center grooves with the. , Bhosari, Pune- 411026.


This is a great tool for garage ski techs and pros alike. Jigarex Universal Mounting Jig SVST Logo Gear Safety Supplies Shop Cleaning Supplies Shop Hand Tools Ski & Snowboarding Mounting Supplies Drill Bits and Taps DrillingMounting Aids Hole Plugs P-Tex Capped T-Nuts Ski Binding MountingHardware Skisert Inserts and Tools Snowboard Mounting Hardware Tap-In Inserts Ski Pole Repair Vises. Installs permanently in all alpine skis so that bindings can be removed and replaced hundreds of times.

Introducing EVOLVE, the universal ski binding mounting tool. .

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ONE JIG TO RULE THEM ALL. The next step is pretty simple.

See a ski binding pro for proper release settings.
V2 Universal Binding Jig.

Product Description.

This universal drill jig fits on all roller skis and most snow skis.

. I. Using the centering toolcaliper, mark the center point of the ski in four spots.

Or call Gary at 207. . Write a Review. . Deciding where to mount your skis can be tricky and takes a bit of experie.


Once your holes are drilled, make sure you get any of the excessloose wood out of the holes so your ski bases don't dimple when you put the screws in, this is a common mistake. Simply align the center grooves with the.



The straightforward design is simple to use and easily mounts to any ski.

also realizing this is not heart surgery and that these tolerances may actually be tighter than some shops and their binding mount jigs.

Binding Mounting.